Pivotal Grant Funding Window – Employed


The BANKSETA invites all registered and qualifying employers to apply for the PIVOTAL Funding Window for Employed.

The PIVOTAL Grant Funding Window opens on 23 November 2021 and closes on 28 February 2022. 

Kindly note that all applications should be submitted in electronic format (softcopy) via a secure platform preferred by the applicant.

The applicant should complete the submission register (attached) in excel format and email to Pivotal for PGFWapplications2022@BANKSETA.org.za.  Please mark it in the subject line as Bank Name, Submission Register.  For protection of information this register may be password protected by the employer. 

Upon submission, please ensure to:

  • Submit and record each application for funding separately.
  • Submission will consist of one document only:  the application form duly completed
  • Verify all documents to ensure its not duplicated or corrupt in any way.
  • Ensure timeous submission of application and register to the email address (PGFWapplications2022@BANKSETA.org.za) as emails received past the due date and time will not be considered regardless of the time send by the applicant.
  • Index the email as follows in the Subject Line: Bank Name, Learning Category and Number of learners

The closing date and time for all applications is 23:59 midnight on Monday 28 February 2022.  

Please take note of the below documents (attached to this invitation) relevant to this funding window:


Discretionary Grant Funding Window Guidelines This document provides guidelines for the application and approval of the BANKSETA Discretionary Grant Funding Window
Annexure A       This document outlines the specific funding window criteria for applications
Application Form Complete the correct application form and select the correct category that you would like to apply for, on page 1
Submit complete and duly signed application forms
Application Register Capture all applications submitted on the register provided.

Employers are urged to submit the necessary documents timeously and with the requisite information, for applications to be assessed without delay.