International Executive Development Programme


The programme is designed to complement the existing senior managers and executive, who have been identified by employers who have high potential. The programme gives the potential learner an opportunity BANKSETA has partnered with local Business School and an International Business School to facilitate the programme. The programme has two programmes that are designed for business and retail banking.



General Banking

The general banking programme is design for the retail banking from various local banking institutions for executive roles that are perceived on a par with executives across the business spectrum. Candidates are exposed to banking perspectives in other parts of Africa. Working with a local Business School the programme creates a partnership with a UK Business School and the local banks there. At the end of the project, candidates produced 4 research papers. This project targets people already employed in the banking and microfinance sectors.


Investment Banking

Having noted investment banking as one of the top scarce skills in the sector, including lack of executive management skills in this area, BANKSETA initiated an IEDP with a focus on investment banking. Work was undertaken to set this programme up in partnership with a local Business School and an International Business School.