Maths and Science Support Programmes


The programme aims to increase the number of Black African Learners to obtain exceptional results in Mathematics, Science and  English in the National Senior Certificate Examination.

The objective is to improve the core Maths, Science, English Language, Computer/IT and Accounting symbols of learners on the programme to a minimum D symbol so as to facilitate their entrance into tertiary educational institutions.

BANKSETA will partner with various registered NGO/NPO and fund the implementation of the programme.

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BANKSETA has pleasure in announcing the opening of another Funding Window for the Maths and Science Support Project from 30th March 2021 until 12th May 2021. This funding window is open to registered  Non-Governmental  Organizations / Non Profit Organizations Only.

Find attached annexures to assist during application:

  1. Annexure A: Click here for Funding window criteria guidelines – specify the eligibility and evaluation criteria for this project
  2. Annexure B: Click here for BANKSETA Funding window guidelines – specify guidelines and requirements to all applicants
  3. Annexure C: Click here for Maths and Science funding window instructions – specify the details of the project, evaluation criteria and the requirements when submitting the application.
  4. Annexure D: Click here for Application form – this is the application form to be used when applying.

The application forms should also be submitted both in excel format and the signed copy in PDF format.

Annexure A:  This document must be read with the BANKSETA Funding Window Guidelines Document which specifies the BANKSETA requirements for all applicants of funding windows.  The purpose of this document is to indicate what the specific criteria is for the different funding windows.

Sub-ProgrammeEligibility Criteria
(in addition to that stated in the guidelines)
Evaluation Criteria (must score at least 60%)Allocation Criteria
SUBPROGRAMME 3.3: Math & Science Support Programmes• All applicants must be registered NGO or CBO Business Case – 30%
Project Plan – 30%
NSDS Equity Targets – 20%
Track Record / Completion Record / Exit Strategy – 20%
Capped at R10 000 per learner per year

Should the number of applications exceed the budget a cap of R800 000 per organization will apply

Applications should be submitted to and on or before the closing date of Wednesday 12th May 2021 @12h00 midnight-  Late applications received after the closing date will not be considered for funding.