BANKSETA would like to invite you to our series of information sessions where we give you a refresher training on the WSP/ATR system. These Information Sessions will be conducted virtually via Ms Teams (contact BANKSETA for a link). Just for the ease of reference, we have not changed anything on system and templates, both the system and excel templates are identical to those ones we used last year.

The system is currently open for all functions including SDF registrations, capturing of WSP/ATR and WSS, Export and Import, etc. You may access the system at any browser by visiting or follow the link Skills Development Facilitator (  We have attached the Ms Excel Templates for your convenience, again, no changes from those used last year.

We will have a total of 2 sessions this year and you are requested to attend just any of them. Therefore, kindly accept one invite which is convenient for you to attend. The dates are as follows:

Session 1: Friday, 18th February 2022 09:30 – 12:00
Session 2: Friday, 4th March 2021 09:30 – 12:00

Additional support or One-on-One sessions may be offered to those who need it depending on the availability of the relevant BANKSETA Official.

Please note that these sessions are virtually, and therefore, you are encouraged to attend any of them regardless of where you are since the regions (other provinces) will not run any separate session.

Should there be a need of an additional support from BANKSETA, our team will be ready to offer you necessary assistance.

Please ensure that you are at a place with proper network connection to ensure that you grasp as much information as possible on the day.

For any queries, please contact Sifiso Mnguni 060 977 5141, Mabel Lenyai 082 743 9995

The submission deadline due on 30th April