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About the Impact Assessment: NSDS III

The NSDS III period is approaching its five year period and the BANKSETA  conducted an Impact Assessment Study for the. last five years (2011-2016). Beneficiaries participated in various skills development interventions and the measured impact provided an indication of the relevance of these interventions.

Beneficiaries who participated in any of these interventions between 2011 and 2016  were encouraged to participate in this survey and to use the opportunity to provide BANKSETA with feedback that will be used to improve future programmes.

To collect this feedback, the BANKSETA has appointed S24 Business Group (Pty) Ltd to assist the Sector Skills Planning and Research Department in conducting the impact assessment.


Impact Assessment of BANKSETA’s Programmes: NSDS III (2011-2016)

In response to the DHET’s assertion that it is important to evaluate the impact of the initiatives of the NSDS III and ensure that the programmes met the required outcomes and created the relevant impact, BANKSETA duly embarked on an impact assessment process as the NSDS III comes to its conclusion.  This SETA specific evaluation will contribute to the overall assessment of the total impact of NSDS III on human resource development, skills development and transformation between 2011 and 2016.

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Your responses will be entirely confidential, and the information gained from this research will only be used in relation to the aforementioned purpose i.e.: to measure the impact and provide an indication of the relevance of the BANKSETA’s skills intervention programmes.

Who Should Participate?


All learners that benefited from one or more of the BANKSETA skills interventions between 2011 and 2016 such as:

  • Unemployed Programmes
  • Employed Programmes
  • SME Support
  • Recognised Prior Learning
  • Maths and Science


When and how do you participate?

All learners that benefited from one or more of the BANKSETA skills interventions between 2011 and 2016 such as:

  • When: September – November, 2016
  • How: Telephone Interviews or electronic/email questionnaire (interviewers from S24 Business Group (Pty) Ltd will contact the learners)
  • Length of Interview: up to 5 minutes (five short questions)
  • Type of Questionnaire: Quantitative Questionnaire (YES/NO answers)
Impact ReportYear
A Impact Assessment Report:
National Skills Development Strategy III
Empirical research project impact assessment study in Bankseta’s funded learning programmes2016 – 2019
Empirical research project tracking and tracing work based learners2016 – 2019

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