About Us


The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA) is a statutory body established through the Skills Development Act of 1998 as amended by the Skills Development Act 26 of 2011 to enable its stakeholders to advance the national and global position of the banking and alternative banking sector. As guided by its mandate the BANKSETA is as such an agent of transformation and seeks to promote employment equity and broad-based black economic empowerment through skills development.


The Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BANKSETA) is an enabler of skills development and transformation in the broader banking & microfinance sector and supports people development through partnerships, skills development, alleviating unemployment, creating a brighter future and enabling change. BANKSETA focuses on SMEs, the youth, adult education, continuous professional development and research.


In terms of the Skills Development Act, No 97 of 1998 as amended by the Skills Development Act, within the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) framework; BANKSETA is mandated to develop skills in the banking and microfinance sector. It does so by.


At the apex of BANKSETA‘s governance, sits the BANKSETA Board which provides insight and strategic direction for BANKSETA‘s activities. The Board sets the strategy and monitors its implementation.


BANKSETA has an efficient team which is passionate about driving the skills development agenda and always go an extra mile to achieve the SETA‘s goals and targets.