Research Partners


The BANKSETA Research Chair Project is a knowledge creation and skills development intervention aimed at strengthening and improving the research capacity of public HEIs to produce high quality sector specific research to deliver on sector skills planning. Thus, the main objectives of the Research Chair are to provide technical support to the SETA to ensure that relevant and credible research is carried out to support skills planning.

The BANKSETA will consider funding applications from public higher education institutions with a strong research focus who are willing to partner with the BANKSETA to conduct extensive research to inform skills planning for the banking sector. The funding will be paid to the University as detailed in the tranche payment guidelines in the Memorandum of Agreement that will be signed between the BANKSETA and the Public Higher Education Institution. The maximum grant that will be paid to a University is R3 million for the full contractual period depending on the research to be conducted. Funding will be approved per project as per the Proposal submitted.

The BANKSETA will communicate the opening for application date.

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Click Here for Barriers to skills development contribution to the transformation of the banking and alternative banking sector
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  • Application form
  • Proof of registration as a public higher education institution
  • CV of the Research Chair including all certified qualifications
  • Letter from the Vice Chancellor acknowledging the University support for the research chair