Discretionary Grant Funding Window

 Discretionary Grant Funding Window 2024 – Employed and Unemployed

Dear Stakeholder,

 The BANKSETA invites all registered, levy-paying employers to apply for the Discretionary Grant Funding Window for Levy Payers.

The Discretionary Grant Funding Window for Levy Payers opens on 18 December 2023 and closes on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 at 16h00.

  The following documentation is available for your perusal:

Application Guide to Stakeholders – click here

Document Purpose
Discretionary Grant Funding Window Guidelines – click here
  • This document provides guidelines for the application and approval of the BANKSETA Discretionary Grant Funding Window.
  • Please read through it carefully to ensure you follow the attached guidelines.
Application Form Application Forms for each category are mentioned in the Discretionary Grant Funding Window Guidelines.

Kindly complete the correct application form for the right category.

  1. Workers enrolled in Learnerships for Employed – click here
  2. Workers granted Bursaries for Employed – New Entries – click here
  3. Workers granted Bursaries for Employed – Continuing – click here
  4. Workers enrolled in Skills Programmes for Employed – click here
  5. Online Short Courses for Employed – click here
  6. IT Skills Programmes for Workers – click here
  7. Learnerships for Unemployed Youth – click here
  8. Internships for Unemployed Youth – click here
  9. Registered Skills Programmes for Unemployed Youth – click here


Submit complete and signed application forms. All sections must be completed in full.

Application Register – click here
  • Capture all applications – per category – on the application register provided.
  • The register is in Excel Format.
  • This is a compulsory document that needs to be completed in full.
  • For information protection, the employer may password-protect this register, but please do not PDF this document.  When you password protect, please share the password with BANKSETA when you send the applications through.


All applications should be submitted in electronic format (softcopy) via a secure platform preferred by the applicant. The link should be sent to the Discretionary Grant Funding Window email inbox below. This email inbox is for both Employed and Unemployed applications. Please do not put an expiration date to access documents to ensure they are available for verification and audit purposes up to 31 March 2025.

Upon submission, please ensure to:

  1. Submit and record each funding application separately. Each application should be accompanied by an Application Register per category for Employed or Unemployed. (i.e. Application for Learnerships for Employed + Application Register for Learnerships for Employed)
  2. Verify all documents to ensure it’s not duplicated or corrupt in any way.
  3. Submission will consist of 2 documents only. The application form and the application register. This needs to be duly completed in full.
  4. Ensure timeous submission of the application and register to the email address DGFWapplications2024@bankseta.org.za) as emails received past the due date and time will not be considered regardless of the time sent by the applicant.
  5. Index the email in the Subject Line: Bank Name, Learning Category and Number of learners, i.e. Nedbank, Learnerships for Employed, 100 learners.

All applications’ closing date and time is 16:00 on Wednesday, 28 February 2024. 

Employers are urged to submit the necessary documents promptly and with the requisite information to assess applications without delay.

We look forward to receiving your applications!