Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Research Funding


The BANKSETA invites all qualifying candidates to apply for the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Funding 2019 academic year.

The BANKSETA has identified a need for the funding of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research studies pertinent to the broader banking and inclusive banking (microfinance) sector. Doctoral/Post-doctoral students must be nominated by the Employer where the student is employed. BANKSETA will evaluate the application based on the importance of the research to the banking and inclusive banking sector and will approve/decline applications and allocation of funds.



Please take note of the below documents relevant to this funding window :

Sub-Programme Eligibility Criteria Evaluation Criteria (must score at least 60%) Allocation Criteria
SUBPROGRAMME 3.20:  PhD and Post-doctoral Funding All Programmes must be Doctoral / Post-Doctoral

Must be approved by University

Relevance to Banking Sector / SETA Cap of R125 000 per learner


Documentations to accompany the application:

  1. A copy of the ID
  2. Transcript of Masters’ results (First year applicants).
  3. Proof of registration for 2019 academic year.
  4. A copy of the Research Proposal that has been approved and proof of approval by the HE Institution
  5. A letter (maximum 2 pages) by the applicant explaining how your potential PhD research would contribute to interest of the financial services sector and the South African economy as a whole.
  6. A letter (maximum 1 page) from company or higher education institution endorsing applicant.
  7. A signed Progress Report if applying for funding for subsequent years of study
  8. Progress Report Form 2019
  9. Application Form 2019
  10. Funding Window Guidelines 2019

The PhD funding window opens on 23rd April 2019 and closes on 31st May 2019.
Please note that all applications should be emailed to

The closing date and time for all applications is 15:00 on Friday 31st May 2019.