Assessors & Moderators


The Quality Management (QM) department’s primary role is to support the development of skills and the introduction of qualifications in the banking and microfinance sector.

The QM department uses the following mechanisms to implement the Sector Skills Plan:

  • Identifying the learning needs of the most vulnerable segments of the sector;
  • Educating trainers and employees;
  • Monitoring, education and training in the  banking and microfinance sector;
  • Promoting training for SMEs;
  • Encouraging employers to use the workplace as an active training environment; and
  • Enabling a banking and microfinance sector built on NSDS principles whilst encouraging fuelling transformation.

Training provider accreditation

Accreditation of training providers is subject to and inclusive of:

  • On-going assessment and evaluation of training providers’ sector qualifications
  • Ensuring best practice policies and procedures for unit standards and skills programmes
  • Facilitating national learner certification and maintaining learner records and achievements
  • Maintaining a database of registered constituent moderators


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The QM department provides assessment of individuals working in credit services, generic management, sales and teller services where the individual has gained a wealth of work experience and knowledge without gaining a formal qualification. RPL provides an opportunity to obtain a formal qualification which recognizes learning acquired through work experience. To establish see whether you qualify for RPL support and how to apply, contact the QM department at BANKSETA.

Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO)

BANKSETA QM department is in the process of completing and submitting curricula and qualifications for the training of Bank Workers, Credit/Loan Officers and Operational Risk Managers. For more information on QCTO, please e-mail us at: