Submitting the WSP/ATR


Dear Stakeholders

We are pleased to announce that the BANKSETA MIS is now open for the capturing of Workplace Skills Plan / Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Survey (WSS). The closing date for submission of WSP/ATR is Thursday, 30 April 2020, Kindly note that NO late submissions will be allowed, the MIS System will automatically reject your submission if it is late.

All new Skills Development Facilitators are required to register online and link and their respective organisations to SDF profiles before accessing the WSP/ATR and WSS forms. The system can be accessed through . The SDFs will be only be able to access the forms once their SDF application has been approved by BANKSETA.

The Training Manual, WSP/ATR guidelines and WSP/ATR/WSS forms have been uploaded onto the system for your convenience.

For more information, please contact Vuyani Ntanjana and Evans Riba on 011 805 9661.

BANKSETA encourages registered employers to submit a Workplace Skills Plan as per the Skills Development Act and the Skills Development Levies Act, in order to qualify for Mandatory and Discretionary Grants. The submission of the Workplace Skills Plan must include:

  • The training programmes that an organisation plans to implement for the year ahead.
  • An implementation report for the actual skills development that took place in the year prior.

NOTE: Guidelines on how to complete the WSP / ATR are sent to registered employers yearly and for further information in this area please feel free to contact the Skills Development Team.

Provision is made within the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) templates to plan for and report against PIVOTAL programmes. PIVOTAL programmes are professional, vocational, technical and academic learning programmes, which meet critical needs for economic growth and social development. These programmes generally combine coursework at universities, universities of technology or colleges with structured learning at work through, among other things, professional placements, work integrated learning, apprenticeships, learnerships and internships.

If a company does not submit a WSP by the due date of 30 April, it will forfeit its Mandatory Grant and this money will be swept into the Discretionary Fund for use in the BANKSETA strategic focus areas. Companies that do not submit their WSP documents by 30 April will not be able to apply for discretionary funds.

All submissions are made online through the BANKSETA system and are consolidated into a sector profile, which enables BANKSETA to keep track of the trends in the industry as well as update its records accordingly. In the years following a company’s first submission to BANKSETA, an ATR is required with the WSP. This report indicates the extent to which the plan from the previous year was implemented.

Templates for both the plan and the report are provided by BANKSETA together with a guide to assist SDFs with documentation completion. A manual is available to assist SDFs to navigate the BANKSETA system.

BANKSETA will enable and support your company with all the necessary information and documentation, to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from the skills development process and all BANKSETA skills development initiatives.

Step 1
Register your organisation with the BANKSETA if you have not done so already.  If your organisation is levy paying, then please submit your SARS registration documents. If your organisation is non-levy paying, then please submit your Company Registration Documents.

This also requires your organisations’ SIC code. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification code. In simpler terms, SIC is the code that reflects the main business activity or your organisation:

  • 81110 Monetary Intermediation
    ·         81121 Discount Houses and Commercial and Other Banking
    ·         81122 Building Society Activities
    ·         81900 Other Financial Intermediation (Not elsewhere captured)
    ·         81910 Lease Financing
    ·         83101 Security Dealing
    ·         83102 Activities Ancillary to Financial Mediation
    ·         90002 Microfinance

Step 2
Appoint a SDF from within your business. This person acts as liaison between the BANKSETA and your organisation. They ensure that the WSP/ATR is developed and implemented. The BANKSETA will build skills development capacity within your organisation to enable your company to meet the minimum skills development requirements.

Step 3
The SDF will register on the BANKSETA MIS. This is done online. Please visit

Step 4
The SDF should access the BANKSETA system and make sure all information is completed or updated.  The system can be accessed through the BANKSETA website  The banner will display the Stakeholder Relations. Click on the banner and follow the process under the Stakeholder Log In banner.

Step 5
The next step is compiling a WSP / ATR. This is completed annually by levy paying and non-levy paying organisations. This process should be inclusive, with the employer consulting with all employees or employee representatives, irrespective of the level or rank in the company.

Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) Portal

WSS / WSP Templates


Other Relevant Documents


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  • Mandatory Grant Policy and Guidelines
  • BANKSETA Management Information System (MIS) Training Manual
  • OFO Codes and Data Tables
  • Municipality Accepted Values