Workplace Skills Plans


The Skills Development Department is responsible for the development of employees within the Banking Sector through capacitating Skills Development Facilitators (SDF), to develop Workplace Skills Plans (WSP), and Annual Training Reports (ATR), also referred to as Implementation Reports for the organisations they present.

Mandatory Grant

The Mandatory Grant Report consists of a WSP and ATR. The report is due on or before 30 April annually and must be submitted on the BANKSETA Management Information System (BANKSETA MIS) by each registered stakeholder organisation’s SDF. BANKSETA hosts annual Information Sessions to capacitate SDFs before submission takes place.


Workplace Skills Plan

The WSP reflects the intended skills development programme of a participating organisation for the year ahead. The WSP provides the basis for identifying and planning for skills development initiatives relevant to your organisations’ strategy and to individual development needs.

Growing skills in the Banking Sector

The Skills Development Department implements a number of initiatives that support Management Qualifications, Executive Courses, Occupationally Directed Qualifications, and International Executive Development Programmes to name but a few. For more information on the programmes, kindly click on Skills Programmes.

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Annual Training Report

The ATR reflects the actual skills development that took place within an organisation for the previous 12 month period.

The ATR provides the basis against which you can report progress towards skills development needs identified in the WSP submitted the previous year.

The submission and subsequent approval of these two documents entitles levy paying organisations to claim back 20% of the skills development levy that they paid over to SARS. It is also a pre-requisite for any BANKSETA registered organisation (levy paying or non-levy paying) to participate in BANKSETA Discretionary Grant funded projects, such as Learnerships, Bursaries, Skills Programmes, Candidacy Programmes, etc.