Reskilling Funding Window

BANKSETA Discretionary Grant Funding Window for Reskilling / Upskilling of Employees. It takes into account the SETA Grant Regulations and the BANKSETA Discretionary Grant Policy. This funding window is aimed at the upskilling or reskilling of employees who are impacted by restructuring or retrenchment in the organisation. This is also to allow employees to remain relevant and/or to support the job role changes planned by the employer or evolving job roles. This will allow for pro-active reskilling and upskilling and aims to prevent retrenchments and exits from the Banking Sector. Investing in reskilling or upskilling promotes a dynamic corporate culture that is committed to continuous professional development that helps to build a culture learning that is effective. The result is a more versatile workforce and an organisation that is better prepared to face future challenges. Continued Professional Development interventions allows the individual to meet legislative requirements.

Below are the supporting documents for funding window:

a. Criteria for funding

b. Application form

c. Funding guidelines