PIVOTAL Programmes


Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic learning (PIVOTAL) programmes that result in occupational qualifications or part qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework. The employers are requested to register with the BANKSETA for skills development levy and /or planning purposes.

Programmes for the employed:

  • Learnerships
  • Bursaries
  • Candidacy Programmes
  • Skills Programmes

Application Criteria for Employers

Employers may apply only for programmes that start in the BANKSETA’s financial year.
Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) are to submit the applications on behalf of employers or co-sign where the application is made by another employee.
The proposed intervention must address business needs and scarce skills identified for the sector.
Employers should show the link between the skills development initiative undertaken and the skills need indicated in the Sector Skills Plan (SSP).

Applicants are discouraged to edit templates. PIVOTAL related documents are to be submitted on BANKSETA templates and according to the correct submission process.
The application should not duplicate an existing BANKSETA project, except where the current project has been closed for participation (for example Letsema)
Training Service providers appointed by the Employer must have the required statutory accreditation and recognition for the specific programme delivery that the Employer has contracted the Training Service provider for. Proposed qualifications, or learnerships not registered will negatively impact the application.

Applications will only be considered as complete once completed in full, duly signed off in designated areas & inclusive of the following:

    • Employer Quality Management Plan (QMP), incorporating the bursary policy where applicable
    • Project/ Implementation Plan
    • Proof of Training Provider accreditation
    • Training provider quotation (specific to Bursary applications)
    • Employment Commitment letter (specific to programmes for the unemployed) &/ Exit Strategy

The employment commitment letter must indicate the possible percentage of learners that may be employed upon completion of the programme.