The programme is designed to complement the existing senior managers and executive, who have been identified by employers within the development finance institution who have high potential. The programme gives the potential learner an opportunity to learn international best practice and is facilitated by local Business School and an International Business School.

BANKSETA IEDP DF 2018 Syndicate 1  Savings and Transaction Payment Models
BANKSETA IEDP DF 2018 Syndicate 3 Research Paper Measuring Institutional Performance
BANKSETA IEDP DF 2018 Syndicate 4 Research Paper Financial Education and Fintech
Savings and Transactions/Payment Models

The purpose of the research undertaken by BANKSETA is to:

  • Support the NSDS III goal of “creating a credible mechanism for skills planning”
  • Support the DHET PSET Research Agenda and the DHET Skills Planning Strategy
  • Support the skills planning process for the banking and non-banking Sectors
  • Strengthen the strategy and efficiency of the BANKSETA and to;
  • Measure the performance of the BANKSETA through impact assessments, tracer studies, etc.

This Research Agenda sets out the research priorities of the Banking Sector for the period April 2017. March 2020 (the end date is prescribed by the current licensing period). It has been developed to inform the development of the Sector Skills Plans, the Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Plan and to inform stakeholders of the various research activities specific to skills development within the banking Sector.